Your Interconnect Company

There's no such thing as a "single-chip solution" - systems on chips must be connected to the real world of input and output devices. On-chip interconnection is all about "metalization"; inter-chip connectivity is all about traces. An optimal interconnect solution is all about balance. The balance between on-chip and inter-chip connectivity often determines the cost, performance, size, and reliability of a product.

At Westak we understand this critical balance. More importantly, we provide this balance for our customers. We've been in the interconnect business since 1972, participating in a distinguished array of technology innovations. With so many interconnect technologies to choose from, and each with its own set of applicability tradeoffs, it can be difficult to find the right solution for your specific needs. Westak will assist you in selecting the optimal interconnect solution for your products, and we complement our own broad set of capabilities through alliances with global partners. As a result, we can service and support you through your product lifecycles - from prototype infancy to high-volume production maturity.